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Where do you get your Matcha from?

We source our Matcha from Kyushu in Japan, an area renowned for its organic and ceremonial grade powder.


Are your products suitable for vegans?

Our unsweetened range and all of our matcha powders are suitable for Vegans.


I’m pregnant, can I consume Matcha?

Matcha does contain caffeine which is often limited during pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.


How should I look after and store your drinks?

Once opened, keep drinks in the fridge and consume within 24 hours of opening.


How long will a 30g pouch of Matcha last?

One pouch has 30 servings, so will last you a month if you're using it just once a day. Reseal pouch and keep in the fridge. Matcha won’t go off, but will lose its best taste over time.


I’d like to sell Vivid Matcha products at my business, who can I contact?

Please email


Vivid Matcha media contact?

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